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Vrede en Lust Wine Estate

Bev, Vrede en Lust tasting area.

Vrede en Lust Wine Estate


When you get there you walk past the bakery to get to the tasting room.  They offer meals and artisan breads that make you hungry just by looking at it. Unfortunately, they don’t fall in my budget, so to the tasting room we went.  The entrance to this area is imposing and impressive!  You walk up the steps and the first thing you see is the fantastic view of vineyards in a natural amphitheater between the mountains.  You are served by women in red, formal dresses which I am a bit ambivalent about, to be honest.  While they looked very nice, it may be a bit much for a Saturday morning?  On the other hand, it is something different, and I like something different. Still deciding what I think!

I really enjoyed the wines, with the 2013 Boet Erasmus red blend standing out!  It is a blend of Cabernet, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Malbec.  A complex red that I would want to have with a dish in which red meat takes center-stage on the plate. It may be a cliche, but I can imagine this wine with a good, medium rare steak. It is always a challenge to pair a wine like this with a vegetarian dish for Bev so I realised I have some experimenting to do!

I would pair their Red Lady Merlot with a mild Vegetarian Bobotie though. To me this Merlot had a subtle spiciness that I found interesting in a Merlot. I tasted cloves, and maybe a bit of nutmeg between the vanilla and red fruit. It is fashionable not to like Merlot these days and to complain about how South African winemakers can’t make Merlot, but I prefer to give each one a chance. This one was nice and would pair very well with any mild spicy dish. That is why I choose a bobotie – vegetarian or meaty.

The Rose was drinkable but in my opinion not very special. That wine that you would drink if someone pours it for you, but you won’t necessarily buy if you are looking for a good Rose.
The Sauvignon Blanc I might buy. I found it rather creamy for a sauvignon blanc, which I found interesting.

They also gave us crusty bread sticks from the bakery and a small Lindt chocolate, which was very nice.  We love those little extras!

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