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An Avontuur Wine Adventure with Kate

Horses at Avontuur Wines Our decisions about which wine farm to visit on a particular day, are, in one word, random.  Most often, we stumble onto a wine farm, and when it is the third wine farm for the day, I mean that literally!  The one that happens to be open, or the one that happens to be…. well, there.  There where we are, wherever that may be. Then, at other times, it is the one we have heard of, the one of which we know the wines well, or simply the one that has a festival taking place.

Not Avontuur though.  We planned to go to Avontuur because Bev dreamed of horses and we decided to go and find horses.  Sommer net, because horses are amazing and Avontuur is known for their horses.  What’s more, their wines all carry the name of one of their horses.  It was another emotional day because my ex and I have been to Avontuur before and I had good memories that were going to haunt me.

This time I was in extremely good hands though!  The good hands of my bestie, Bev, and then the good hands of my therapist, or ex therapist, Kate.  She no longer worked at the institution where I saw her for therapy sessions, and we decided to hang out now that she was not my shrink.

I was a bit nervous. I mean, what do you say to your shrink when you are not baring your soul, using up all her tissues in ten minutes while crying about your existential crisis, and now you suddenly have to hide said existential crisis in a wine bottle?  What do you talk about?  What if she knew nothing about the weather, or wine, or Karlien’s pregnancy?  Then I rethought the part about hiding my existential crisis in a wine bottle, and I knew everything would be fine. Well, that, and the fact that I don’t even know who Karlien is; I only saw on Facebook it is one of the things one apparently has to know about.

At Avontuur, Bev and Kate teamed up against me!  They went straight for the reds, while I started with the MCC (Méthode Cap Classique) and moved on to the Chardonnay.

Bev and Kate were like – wháát? It is getting colder and more overcast by the minute. How can you drink chilled wines, don’t you know anything about the weather?

Okay, they didn’t actually suggest that I know nothing about the weather, but I could see it in their eyes. They were thinking it!

When the tasting room person – we call them winies – came to pour my first red, a beautiful Cabernet Merlot, she asked if we heard that Karlien was pregnant.  Ag, allright, I will stop it now. Of course she didn’t talk about Karlien.  The Cab Merlot part actually happened though and what a warm, happy moment on a cloudy day!

One of the first things I learned about Kate outside the therapy room is that she actually tastes wine. Whereas Bev and I taste wine as well as drink wine.  Kate would take a few sips and toss the rest, to our horror.  Besides that, it turned out Bev and Kate were wine twins.  They were drawn to tasting the same wines, and liked a few of the same ones.

We ended up talking about all kinds of things, from our children, to cooking, hiking, psychics and atheism.  And lemons. At one point, when Bev and I had one of our famous heated debates, I looked over at Kate and told her not to worry, that this sort of thing was very normal for us.   She just sat there listening, not sipping her wine (because it was in the spittoon) and said, “Oh, I am not worried.”

Kate decided to skip the second wine farm we wanted to visit, because it was getting late and she wanted to beat the traffic.  A fine, misty rain had started, and it was cold. Bev and I still wanted to go and say hi to the Avontuur horses, and then go on to Somerbosch Wines, just up the road.

We walked Kate to her car when the rain gave us a gap, and then we got stuck in the parking lot.  Stuck, as in, we were standing there talking a lot more. I love those parking lot chats!  It just shows there is a lot more to talk about and you all have to get together again, soon.   We all left when the cold started creeping into our bones.  Kate was standing there shivering in the parking lot, wishing she had a warmer jacket.  Turns out the woman knew absolutely nothing about Cape Town weather.  😉