About Us

Hi from Analize and Bev

Bev and I have been friends for the best part of a decade. We laugh a lot.  We love doing things; as many things as possible, and very often, crazy things. We love wine and food and bumbling around so we started this crazy wine journey – read our Home Page to find out why – and one day noticed, actually we know quite a lot about wine. We both love writing, and of course, eating good food, and you will find a bit of all of that in this blog.

When you have been friends with someone for so long, you see each other go through the best and the worst that life can toss up.

Our lives fall apart at times, we break, we lie on the floor, crawl, and get back up.  We are friends who have been there for each other through the laughter and the tears.   Once every two weeks or so, we go to a wine farm, or three, and taste wines.  We talk, drink, eat, get silly, steal herbs from the herb gardens, pick up pine cones for our fireplaces, take pictures, make plans, and we argue. We argue to the extent that other people with us get quiet with anticipation for when we are going to start shouting at each other and storm out of the place never to talk again.  It has never happened though.

Most of the times we just promise to bring evidence next time – which never really happens – or start laughing and pour another glass of wine.  Lately, we have been agreeing a lot because Trump is president of the USA and who can not agree that he is an idiot? Everyone must agree that Game of Thrones is awesome and science can prove things so we don’t have to argue about everything. We also agree, militantly so, that people should not be racist, sexist, homophobic or any other kind of bigots around us and because we agree about that, we will call you out on it.

I don’t like describing myself, especially now, so I have said enough.  Besides, the adjectives I can apply to myself and Bev are probably in some way true about everyone.  Just because I think we are all everything. We are human, and that pretty much sums it up.

We go through this strange phenomenon called life, and we all do it in different ways but we all have a similar emotional, human experience.  We have choices about some things and no choices about other things and maybe the trick is just to make the best choices where you can, and live through the rest in the best way you can. Or not.  Everything I say may be wrong. I am here though, and here we have food, wine, friends and family, experiences and writing. Life – with all its light and darkness – that little gap in eternity where we are conscious and aware of all the wonders, and the pain, on our planet and the universe. And there is food and wine.  Writing about food and wine is our happy place.

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