Le Pommier Self-Service Wine Farm

Le Pommier Wine Farm - tasting
Le Pommier Wine farm

Le Pommier Wine Farm

We arrived at Le Pommier Wine Farm in the afternoon, just after the lunch rush. Bev and I met our other friend Lenie there and we were looking forward to a nice, light lunch at a spot that won awards for the best country lodge in the area.  We didn’t know it was self-service.  Well, technically it was not supposed to be, but it was.

There was no-one around to receive us, so we picked a table with an umbrella in the charming outdoor area, and sat down.  About 5 minutes later, after saying our hellos and how-are-yous to each other, someone came to ask if we had been helped.  We asked for menus and said no we haven’t ordered drinks yet.  After another five minutes or so of nothing happening, I slowly started to realise that it was self-service. I spotted a pile of menus near the entrance and I went to get us three of them.

By now we were really thirsty. I went inside, to the bar, and ordered our drinks.  The guys at the bar did look a little bit confused but they handed over the drinks without questions. I put it on a tray and took it to the table.  Apparently, that part was not self-service anymore, because a waitress rushed to take the tray from me and serve our drinks.  Then she even took our food order, and brought our food to the table!

The sandwiches were really good and hit the spot.  After our lunch, Lenie went to fetch the bill for us, and we decided not to tip the waitress.  I mean, it would have been a bit weird if my friends gave me 10% of their bill at that point. We resisted the urge to go and wash our own dishes and instead walked Lenie to her 800GS.  After a long day on the bike, she wanted to get home.  Bev and I were sticking around a bit longer, to do wine tasting.

There was nobody in the tasting room, except for 4 people sitting at a table outside. They were enjoying the beautiful view of the mountains and the vineyards with no glasses in their hands. Le Pommier Wine Farm also offers accommodation in the form of cozy, idyllic cottages overlooking the winelands.  I didn’t inquire, but I am guessing they are self-catering units.

A couple came in behind us, and we were all wondering – now what?

The four people informed us that they also didn’t know it was self-service. They were actually waiting for someone to pour them some wine!

There were tasting glasses and there were open bottles of wine from Le Pommier Wine Farm in the fridge.

I said, “Well, we normally start with Sauvignon Blanc, so let’s do it!  According to the list on the counter, the tasting is R40 –  we will leave it at the cash register on our way out.”

I started pouring a tasting round of Sauvignon Blanc for everyone and explained that Sauvignon Blanc is an easy-drinking wine with tropical fruit on the nose. It is most often a wine that is great to enjoy on a summer’s day with light lunches, salads, cheese, and snacks.  Then someone came and spoiled my fun by taking over and even telling us all about the wines!  He was friendly and we enjoyed chatting and making jokes with him. I might write about the wine in another post, or I might just leave it to Le Pommier to write about their own wines.

Damn, I just realised I forgot to clock out at the end of my shift!

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