Vergenoegd Wines

Vergenoegd Runner Ducks

Vergenoegd Runner Ducks

The Place:

As far as beautiful settings go, Vergenoegd Wines is very high on my list.   It is a tranquil wine farm near Somerset West, with their famous flock of working ducks.  Seeing the Indian Runner Ducks parade past on their way to the vineyards to work, is bound to bring a smile to your face.

Their job description is to eat goggos (insects and creepy crawlies) between the vines, and I am sure they have a lot of job satisfaction as well as a good, market-related salary. Fringe benefits include tranquil lawns among the big, old trees and historic buildings, and access to the summer concerts on Sundays. There is also weekend markets and a restaurant and tasting room with beautiful antique decor that gives it a lot of character.

Because the ducks are not paid in the dop-system, the wines are left to recreational consultants like Bev and I.  What a hard job we have!  So let’s get to work and talk about the wines!

We were there on a cold, rainy Saturday, so we were more inclined to go for cozy reds than whites.

The wines:

Vergenoegd Runner Duck Red 2014

A blend of 33% Touriga Nacional, 28% Cabernet Franc, 25% Malbec, 14% Tinta Barocca.
It is a full-bodied wine with a deep red colour. I got mostly cherries and prunes on the nose, but also a bit of spiciness, maybe mixed spices like in Granny’s mixed spice biscuits. In contrast to what I have said, I don’t find it to be a heavy wine.  It will pair well with food, but I could just as easily pour a glass to enjoy on its own after work, or while cooking.
It will go well with a good rump steak, but also some chicken dishes, duck, and venison – especially Impala and Springbok. Although, at Vergenoegd I don’t want to think about eating duck… Not here, no.
I would even have it with a rich, creamy seafood pasta or potjie but I may get a written warning for saying that. I would still try it on a day when the boss is away though…

Vergenoegd Shiraz 2008

The best Shiraz I have tasted recently. I know Shiraz is supposed to go with a curry or something spicy, but when I tasted this one I could only think of one thing:

A sticky oxtail potjie, slow cooked on the fire. I think it is the white pepper and smoky taste in the wine that makes me want to repeat it in the food.  A year ago I won a competition with an oxtail recipe, and it is the perfect wine to pair with it.  Click here for the recipe: Oxtail Potjie with Old Brown Sherry. (ag okay, the stuff formerly known as sherry.)

Vergenoegd Estate Blend 2007 – Bordeaux Blend

52% Cabernet Sauvignon; 42% Merlot; 6% Cabernet Franc
It is an elegant, full bodied wine.  It is spicy and there are hints of chocolate and vanilla, but in an Oreo kind of way. Or a layered dark chocolate cake with a bit of vanilla in the icing.  The problem with wine is that I often sound slightly crazy to myself, but then, I taste what I taste and I would rather look silly than to say only what is expected to be said.
So yes.  Cake, with vanilla and chocolate.
Bev has been telling me about a pasta she makes with leeks, Porcini mushrooms and smoky cheese.  She thinks this will pair well with it, especially with another cheese added to it. Maybe gorgonzola that brings a blue taste in without being too overwhelming.  She will have to invite me to dinner soon!

Vergenoegd Old Cape Colony 2008

Possibly not the best name in our current political scenario, but that is the only thing about this “port style” dessert wine that is not great.  Loved it, especially the perfect balance of being sweet but not too sweet. I want to drink it in winter in front of a fire.

I would pair it with a dessert speciality of mine – mini Butternut pancakes with a dark chocolate and chili sauce, topped with nuts.  The recipe? Mmm, I would have to think about it, because it is a bit of a secret.  I would make it for you though…  Get in touch.

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